Impart knowledge

Our three seminar rooms of different size offer you a bright and pleasant ambience in order to work intently.

  • room Kirchbergen: up to 60 members, ideal for different teamworks
  • room Steinbergen: up to 20 members, for small workshops, there’s a doorway to the terrace
  • room Sommertal: up to 60 members, a bright and sun-filled room      

It`s possible to connect these seminar rooms. But you can also use our garden and the terrace for your workshops. You are offered beamers, pinboards, flipcharts and a presentation case for your seminar.

[Translate to English:] Seminarverpflegung
[Translate to English:] Seminarraum

Get inspired

As our hotel is surrounded by the golf course and wineyards it’s an ideal location for workshops, conferences and sessions. So there’s a special atmosphere to hatch and create ideas.

[Translate to English:] Seminarhotel inmitten von Weinreben, Wiesen und Feldern

Perfect working conditions

Our hotel is centrally located next to the motorway A5, so the conditions of your arrival are very good.

Our team in the kitchen will treat you during the breaks of your workshop.We will serve you with local and seasonal products of high quality. 

Our professional team will help you to organize your workshop and your event.

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